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Max Wells

Bringing Truth To A Dark World

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Max (11k)

During the past 30 years, I have operated various businesses around these United States I have been involved in national political campaigns during which time I came to realize it is all rubbish it is all an illusion. Nothing we see or hear is really true, it is only partially true. The withholding of facts within a case in court is a crime, but in the realm of politics, it is business as usual. I have spent years unlearning all the garbage that was force-fed in my mind during my school years. Now I see clearly, and the sight I see is not one of wonder or joy, it is how did we allow all this evil to prevail?  By our silence, for silence is acceptance. This series is Historical, but not a textbook, rather a history told by those who lived it and made it. You can live this fascinating saga with them Truth is stranger than fiction

I rather like the quote by Dr. Martin Luther King, JR, where he declared, "The ultimate tragedy is not the oppression and cruelty by the bad people but the silence over that by the good people"

My sincere hope is that when you have read Exempt, Yesterday & Today, Tomorrow, and The Vision of David you will learn how and why you have been betrayed, had your wealth, the wealth of America stolen. Inside is the Blue Print for how you, and we can, and will reclaim all.


EXEMPT, The Trilogy
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Exempt, The Trilogy (11k) We The People have been conditioned to act as sheep.Exempt takes you on a journey through history, you will live it as it unfolds. The history begins in the fall of 1960. Richard a twenty year old with less than two years undergraduate schooling at Duke was accepted into Yale Law School. Richard did not enroll at Yale, not did he desire to become a lawyer. Someone was directing his life. Yale Law is the most difficult law school in the nation to enroll, how could a twenty year old be accepted? Richard became involved in his first two weeks at Yale in a civil rights case that would propel John Fitzgerald Kennedy into the White House.

 YESTERDAY (11k) YESTERDAY & TODAY. TRUTH! When it comes to history, truth is as evasive as a moth. In Yesterday & Today, we learn how Richard was able to forge the forces to check the all-powerful true rulers of America and the world. He reveals those dark forces hidden behind the curtain. We The People have been led to believe that politicians can solve all the problems of mankind. It is only necessary to “Elect” the right person. You have all been deceived.

tomorrow (11k) Why do all men, or better to say people, need to follow some leader? Why do they cheer and follow the words of those who will set them in chains? Why do they not follow their inner voice, called conscience or some say the holy spirit? I have no answer for that, I do have the answer, the means to overcome all the lies, the deceit that has been implanted in our minds since we were small children. This deceit began long ago, when the rulers, the ultra-wealthy took over the world. Tomorrow is here to show you the way to the light. The way to restore your liberty and regain your wealth. Tomorrow provides the only BLUEPRINT on how to accomplish this great task. I can only pray that enough good people will say; It is time.

These books can also be Previewed or Purchased on Amazon here AMAZON.

Vision (11k) A near death experience can be a trying time. David had an experience that most would shrug off and chalk it up as a bad dream. He could not let it pass, he knew God had given him much and expected much of him. We meet people in our life that are like doors opening into a totally different dimension than our everyday lives. David was led to a place, where his duty to mankind and God was revealed. It mattered not the cost, even his life he was willing to give to complete the task, a task such as this world has never seen. No man alone could accomplish what must be done to save this world. David met by chance, or was it, Richard & Maggy Martinson who were the reason JFK was elected President. This meeting set a chain of events in motion that will change this world. This is your chance, not to read about history, but live it.

ERICA (11K) Some people have almost mystical powers that affect the destiny of those they become close to. Erica with her pure Sabaean blood line holds such power. She was in her senior year at USC when she was invited to a music industry fundraiser at the Huntington Hotel in Pasadena, California. There she met Bradford Hay, a young music producer. She and Bradford became very close; their relationship was described as magical.Within their first year together Bradford produced two of the #1 songs in the world and two albums of the year. He won 9 Grammys, never before had a first year producer achieved this success. Erica performed on several of those songs, she also won 2 Grammys. MGM signed Erica to star in the most costly film the studio had ever made. The destiny her mother had told her was to be a Queen, and restore the Sabaean dynasty. Will she?

ariel (11k) Description? How Can one describe God's Mind or Purpose? What God wants to be revealed will be. Henry Bordon was led to discover the writings, the words, Jesus Christ spoke to the child Ariel. Ariel, the son of Andrew, brother of Phillip one of the 12 disciples, at the age of 10 years was permitted to walk with Christ aNd record for us his words as he walked.

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Exempt, The Trilogy (11k)
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